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All users of our site agree that it is their right to use and any other services or products therein. You also agree to the condition that our site is for personal use only and is not transferable to any other third party in any form. Any attempt to transfer a user’s right to use our site will be considered a breach of the terms of use.As a subscriber if you are given or decide to have a user names, password or any other material that pertains to our security procedures, it must be treated with the utmost confidentiality; this is for your personal use only and should not be disclosed to any other third party. If for any reason you think that a third party may have access to your account please inform us immediately at [email protected] No subscriber must use an email address or username with the intent of impersonating another, use an email address or username of another user without our prior consent or authorization, use a username that violates the intellectual property rights of other users, finally use a username that may be deemed offensive, which is at our sole discretion.We have the sole right to disable any username or password; this applies not only to codes chosen by you but ones allocated by us. If we believe that you have failed to comply with any of our provisions.


There are no guarantees as to the accuracy of any of the content on our site by law we and any third parties, employees, agents and our offices exclude.Any and all warranties and conditions including any other terms that that may be implied by common law, statute or the law of equity We have no liability without limitations for losses including, loss of trading, income or revenue. Loss of profits, contracts or business, loss of savings, loss of business time, data or goodwill, be it through negligence or anything else. We accept no liability for any damage or loss of any kind either directly or indirectly incurred by the user in connection with our site or linked websites or the material contained therein. If for any reason you have any queries or concerns about the content or material on our site please contact us at [email protected]


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