Keys To 2021

Jan 13, 2021

I am not going to  annoy you with New Year’s resolutions or a list of to dos. But I will give you my 2 cents.

It is a New Year, a new wallet, a new you or me for that matter. Life is too short and I think this is my bucket list  in 2021. I will:

  • Stay committed.
  • Always do what is right. 
  • Stay positive no matter what happens. When things are not ok , think positively about where I am headed.
  • Wake up with a purpose.
  • Take care of the body. Eat breakfast like a King/Queen, lunch like a Prince/Princess, dinner like a College Kid with a maxed out card. Cheating  is allowed on special occasions.
  • Remember that adversity is not a dead end but an opportunity for better things to come.
  • Focus on growing, learning, serving others ,live life with love, energy, enthusiasm, empathy and practice forgiveness.
  • Be disciplined, resourceful and resilient. Have a clear direction.
  • Not waste energy on gossip, energy black holes, past issues, negative thoughts or things you can not control, invest your energy in positive moments.
  • Not forget that there is no substitute for hard work.
  • List the three most important things I need to do before bed the following day to help me create the success I crave.
  • Not complain. When I feel like it I will not because it doesnt help to improve the situation.
  • Get more sleep. Make time for loved ones and friends.
  • Focus daily on what I get to do, not what I have to. Life is a gift and a privilege not an obligation. I will enjoy life.
  •  I will repeat the following every night before I go to sleep , “ I am thankful for…” and “ today I accomplished” and “I have made a difference”.
  • Create a vision of what I really want. Commit and keep that vision with me all the time.
  • Choose to be a leader in life. Go beyond the discomfort zone and be the leader of change in my life.


Most people fail not because of a lack of desire but because of a lack of commitment.

I am committed! Are you?

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